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Cashmere & Wool Mist 150ml



FUNCTION: Washing your woollen items too frequently can impact their fit, feel and lifespan. Often, all your wool needs is a quick refresh and you're good to go... and that's exactly what our Cashmere & Wool Mist has been designed for.

The non-toxic formula eliminates bad odours for good without the need for harsh chemicals. Plus our formula is gentle on skin and gentle on fabrics. It protects the delicate fibres all in just a few quick sprays, meaning you can walk out the door in a matter of minutes looking and smelling fresh... no hand washing or dry cleaning required.

FRAGRANCE: Think of our formulation as a 'hug from your mum' in a bottle. We've blended warming and comforting Cinnamon with Myrrh for its relaxing and rejuvenating properties. Topped off with rich Cedarwood for it's natural moth repellent properties. 

For best results we recommend also washing with our Cashmere & Wool Wash.


  • Reduces washing frequency 
  • Plant derived ingredients 
  • Zero harsh chemicals & toxins
  • Made in the UK



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